Ceramic Classes for Kids

Our three part session will introduce students to glazing and acrylic methods with ceramic items. Students will practice skills with brushes, learn techniques to paint as learn well the process required to complete a project from start to finish. 

Basic outline of classes includes:

Class one:
Acryclic painting on 3D ceramic figuring. This fun first day allows artists to express themselves while familiarizing themselves to painters tools.

Class two: Ceramic glazing, a much more technical method of painting, is introduced and practiced. Students will work on a ceramic project that they will design and create which will then be fired in our on-site kiln.

Class three: Acrylic paint on a 3D ceramic figuring is revisited to master all painting techniques learned for a project that artist will want to show off for ages to come.

Note: Techniques show in each class will be an age appropriate concept for the artist to learn and there will be no repeat projects made for students enrolled in class.